Summer Internships Available

Innovative Networks—a Kansas City-based Information Technology company is offering Technical Services internships for this summer. The ideal applicant is pursuing an Information Technology major and is well versed in Windows, Linux and/or Mac platforms.

We provide complete and all-inclusive IT solutions for companies throughout the Greater Kansas City area. Interns will usually be assigned a project that can be completed within the internship period. They will also be assisting with the day to day operations of our technical services department.

Google Fiber Announcement in Kansas City

Google FiberToday, July 26, 2012, marked a new, incredible chapter of the Internet. Roughly a year ago, Google decided to start installing fiber optic cables in central Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, to provide the fastest residential Internet the world has ever seen. Google announced today what they plan to do with the Internet at these insanely high speeds, a product they call Google Fiber.

Google and Motorola: A Good Match?

On Monday Google unveiled a new strategy to gain ground in the mobile marketplace.  In their largest purchase to date, Google announced their intention to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.  So what does this mean for the consumers of mobile-phone and tablet computers? 

Facebook Facial Recognition: Amazing and a Little Scary Too

On Tuesday, June 7, Facebook quietly turned on a new feature called Tag Suggestions.  This new feature uses proprietary facial recognition software to automatically recognize friends in your uploaded photos and suggest that you tag them.  While some people may be a little nervous about privacy concerns related to this new feature, I can’t help but say “Wow, that’s pretty amazing!”

What is World IPv6 Day and Why Should I Care?

On June 8, 2011, a host of major Internet network providers and websites will be running a twenty-four-hour “Test Flight” of IPv6 on their networks.  While this will be transparent to most users of the Internet, it is definitely not an insignificant event.  So what is IPv6, and how does it affect you?