Technology Help Desk

We provide live US-based support from technical experts in many disciplines. Our Kansas-City-based help desk staff provide quick solutions to your technology problems. Use our staff to meet your needs for on-demand support.

Proactive Support

Our proactive support model is the number one thing that sets us apart from our competitors. Our thorough approach to proactive systems and software management goes far above and beyond what most companies can offer.

All-Inclusive Maintenance

Our All-Inclusive Maintenance program, known as AIM, is our flagship service for small and medium businesses. With AIM you get all of our proactive support services and unlimited access to our help desk for one flat monthly fee.

Digital Security

We do not treat data security as a separate service provided to our customers. Security is built in to virtually everything we do. From firewalls to servers to spam filtering, security is a dominant attribute of our product and service offerings.  Here are just a few of the tools we use to ensure the security of customers’ data.

Engineering & Design

We design and build the right technology infrastructure for your business. INDIGEX couples state-of-the-art technology with world-class technical expertise to improve your business operations and make you ready for wherever the future may take you.

Project Management

We help you create a plan, organize resources, manage activities, and deliver results. Whether we're using your team or ours or a combination of the two, you can be assured that our project management pros have the depth of knowledge and management skills to effectively facilitate a project plan and deliver timely results.

Contract CIO

A contract CIO is a dedicated business and technology-savvy person who works with a customer to determine the best and most cost-effective ways to use technology to meet business objectives.  The contract CIO meets regularly with the customer's management team to report on the status of information systems.  Additional responsibilities include the following.