Are you looking to launch a career with serious growth potential? At INDIGEX we love our team, Our people truly are the life blood of our business. They are the indispensable factor that gives INDIGEX its strength and vitality.

Top Ten Reasons to Grow Advance Succeed with INDIGEX.

We serve really good coffee! We get it from local roasters and grind it fresh every day. Don't like coffee? Maybe you should consider a career elsewhere. Just kidding! We also have tea and some other good stuff to get you going. (We really like coffee though.)
We're growing! That means you have an opportunity to grow with us. We believe in promoting from within, so you'll have opportunity to take on new responsibilities and contribute to our growth.
We're all about learning new stuff. We target 10 hours per month of eduction for both part-time and full-time employees. This is usually done in a group setting during work hours. INDIGEX provides the necessary resources and often the instructor. More experienced team members teach newbies the ropes. Then we all learn and grow togeher. If you take certification tests, we'll usually pay for the tests too.
We have a great benefits plan. We're not just looking to satisfy your need for cash today. We want to invest in your future!
We promote from within. There are plenty of talented people available from outside our walls, but those people haven't been ingrained in our culture. It's really important to us that people in technical lead or management positions know our culture and practice our values. We don't just look at inside people first, every management person in our company came up from an entry-level position.
We're involved in our community. We believe strongly in education so we work with local high schools to bring students in when they're still juniors and seniors in high school to learn the basics of technology management, programming, or other skills.
We help people. We see ourselves as a business partner to the organizations we serve. We're not the only ones growing; it's our goal to help our clients grow too. That's good, but we never want to get ourselves so wrapped up in numbers and statistics that we lose sight of what businesses are made of. They're made of people, and that's who we're really serving. Our people help other people understand and make good use of the latest technology. We use technology to make our lives easier and the lives of the people who are our customers easier.
Innovation. From our first day in business in 2003, innovation has been at the core of who we are. In fact, it's part of our name. INDIGEX team members are INnovative DIGital EXperts.
Personal Impact. INDIGEX isn't a huge corporation (yet). Each member of our team plays a big role in making us who we are. INDIGEX employees get to develop the tools and systems that impact businesses all over Missouri, Kansas, and across the United States.
It's fun! Charlie Chaplin said "A day without laughter is a day wasted." We never want to waste a day at INDIGEX, so we have fun! We value our work and get a lot done, but we also pull pranks sometimes and just find excuses to laugh.

How do I apply?

Send your resume to and tell us where you want your career to go.