Frequently Asked Questions

INDIGEX • proper noun • \in-'di-jeks\ • Short form of Innovative Digital Experts. The pronunciation is derived from the first part of each word, and the emphasis is on the middle syllable. Alternate pronunciation form: in•DIJ•ex.

Proactive support is the opposite of reactive support. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong and reacting to it, we do all the maintenance required to prevent bad things from happening. Even if we do all the right maintenance things, we can't prevent every problem from occurring, so we have tools that monitor your systems. These tools tell us when something is about to fail or when it does fail. They allow us to act quickly and minimize the impact on your business.

At INDIGEX our help desk (sometimes called a service desk or technical support hotline) is the one-stop shop for assistance with whatever is happening in your computer network. Our help desk technicians can help you with Microsoft Office tools, accounting tools, line-of-business applications, network equipment, servers, phones, and other business technology components. They can also help with setting up new users on your computer systems, scheduling service calls, and even selecting and purchasing the right technology for your business.

INDIGEX staff provide managed services to our customers. In the information technology world "managed services" is the term we use for the bundle of services that make it possible for us to provide IT support and services to your business.  We have various ways to provide managed services. Our most popular is the flat-rate based All-Inclusive Maintenance (AIM) program.

INDIGEX is in all caps mostly because we like it that way. It's short for Innovative Digital Experts, and we thought InDigEx looked dumb, so we went with INDIGEX.

INDIGEX is short for Innovative Digital Experts. In 2015 we were looking for a more catchy name than Innovative Networks. We searched and searched, and looked at literally thousands of names. We wanted a name that would be unique, easy to remember, and available on the Internet and social media. Near the end of our search we brought in Terri S. Turner. Within a couple of days Terri had come up with our new name, INDIGEX.