A note from our president, Jason Crowley:

Innovative Networks, like many businesses, was born in a spare bedroom. That happened in October of 2003. We've been through many changes and have seen significant growth over the last dozen years. Change is a part of growth, and we're changing again. The name "Innovative Networks" doesn't quite tell our story anymore. Our business has grown to do much more than just network support. That's why we're changing our name to INDIGEX.

INDIGEX is short for Innovative Digital Experts. Of course our experts still take care of your servers, networks and computers, but we do so much more. Here are a few of the new things we're up to.

Learning Café

We have always been committed to imparting knowledge to our customers. Now we're making a formal program of that called Learning Café. Most of our training sessions and educational resources are free too!

INDIGEX Procurement

Our new procurement website, shop.indigex.com, enables you to streamline your technology buying process while saving you money. Of course our knowledgeable staff will still help you find the right equipment for your needs too.

INDIGEX Multimedia

Whether you're building a hi-tech conference room or a concert venue, we can handle your professional audio, video, and lighting needs.

INDIGEX Security

Do you want biometric or card-key entry? We can do that. Security alarms? We can do that. Video surveillance? We do that too!

INDIGEX Communications

Do you have more than 500 phones and network devices? Do your communications bills total more than $1,000 per month? If so, we can help you find ways to optimize your communications and often save you money on telecom contracts too!

We hope 2016 is as exciting for you as it continues to be for us. Thanks as always for choosing us to make technology work for you. We take care of technology so you can take care of business.


Jason P. Crowley
President & Chief Innovation Officer |INDIGEX

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