KANSAS CITY, March 21, 2016 -- Innovative Networks, Inc., a Kansas City leader in IT managed services announced today that it is changing its name to INDIGEX. The name change reflects the company's move from network-focused business solutions to a broader commitment to using technology to solve business problems and streamline operations for businesses of all sizes.

The new name, INDIGEX, emphasizes our focus on furthering our track record of innovation and using our depth of expertise to build digital systems that enable our customers to reach and exceed their goals.  We are Innovative Digital Experts. We are INDIGEX.

Along with a new name INDIGEX is aligning its business operations around five core competencies: Tech Services, Tech Procurement, Physical Security, Multimedia Systems, and Communications.  


INDIGEX, at its core, is an IT managed service provider.  The Tech Services team focuses on providing these services. With a responsive help desk and proactive IT management services, INDIGEX enables clients to focus on their businesses and use technology to achieve their goals. The Tech Services team is also responsible for designing, building, and implementing new IT systems for its clients.

About INDIGEX Procurement

INDIGEX Procurement focuses on streamlining the IT procurement process for corporate, government, and education clients. They provide a system that can be used to automate the procurement process throughout a large organization. The procurement process from specification to approval to shipment and delivery can all be completed and tracked through the INDIGEX Procurement website (shop.indigex.com). This website allows managers to set spending limits, define approval workflows, and associate purchases with cost centers. Technical specifications, user manuals, and compliance documents are also available through the website. INDIGEX Procurement staff are US-based and able to provide help to clients throughout the process via phone, email, or chat.  

About INDIGEX Security

INDIGEX Security focuses on physical access controls such as card-key or NFC entry systems. This department also provides video surveillance systems and other physical security services.

About INDIGEX Multimedia

INDIGEX Multimedia is focused on providing professional audio, video and lighting systems for concert venues, event spaces, training facilities and houses of worship.  From design to implementation to maintenance INDIGEX Multimedia helps customers find and use the best-suited multimedia technology to bring pizazz and energy to their events.

About INDIGEX Communications

INDIGEX Communications takes integrated voice, video, and data services to a new level. Expertise in these fields allows INDIGEX staff to help customers analyze their telecom needs and get the best services to match their business requirements. INDIGEX staff knowledge of the telecom industry also gives them the ability to help customers right-size their services and realize savings in their contracts with communications providers.

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